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Jewish Recipes --> Jewish and Israeli Foods --> What Eggs are Kosher?

Eggs - Bird eggs are a common food source. The most commonly used bird eggs are those from the chicken, duck, and goose; but smaller eggs such as quail eggs are occasionally used as a gourmet ingredient, as are the largest bird eggs, from ostriches. The eggs of sea turtles are sometimes used for food also. Eggs are frequently used in both sweet and savory dishes as a source of protein and/or to bind the other ingredients in a recipe together. Sometimes the egg yolk is used separately from the egg white (or albumen).

If you aren't sure how fresh your eggs are, here's an easy way to test them.

Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 1 minute

Here's How:

  1. Fill a deep bowl or pan with enough cold tap water to cover an egg.
  2. Place the egg in the water.
  3. If the egg lies on its side on the bottom, the air cell within is small and it's very fresh.
  4. If the egg stands up and bobs on the bottom, the air cell is larger and it isn't quite as fresh.
  5. If the egg floats on the surface, it it should be discarded.
  6. A very fresh egg out of the shell will have an overall thick white which doesn't spread much and the yolk will stand up.
  7. Grade AA eggs are the highest grade available. They cost more than other grades, but may be a good choice because of their high quality and longer shelf life.


Not Kosher

Eggs from kosher animals are kosher Eggs from non-kosher birds are  NOT kosher
Eggs are Parve Eggs from kosher animals with blood spots are not kosher.

Kosher Poultry

  • Chicken
  • Cornish Hens
  • Dove
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Grouse
  • Guinea fowl
  • Partridge
  • Peafowl
  • Pheasant
  • Pigeon
  • Prairie chicken
  • Ptarmigan
  • Quail
  • Sagehen
  • Sparrow (and other songbirds)
  • Swan
  • Teal
  • Turkey

Cholesterol and Fat

Chicken egg yolks contain a small amount of fat. People on a low-cholesterol diet may feel the need to cut down on egg consumption, although most of the fat in egg is unsaturated fat and may not be harmful. The egg white consists primarily of water (87%) and protein (13%) and contains no cholesterol and little, if any, fat.

Some people try to avoid eggs in their diet because they are high in cholesterol, which is concentrated in the yolk. This issue is sometimes addressed by removing some or all of the eggs' yolks.